Jan 24 15 6:10 PM

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Before starting or responding to any religion-oriented thread, one must start a thread in the Introductions forum that includes the following information:

Current religious (or non-religious) views, being as specific as possible:
Who God, G*d, god(s) and/or goddess(es) is/are to me*:
Religious works (if any) that I accept as authoritative (Can be omitted if and only if not applicable):
Other religious or non-religious views that I have held previously (Can be omitted if and only if not applicable):

*Note that that any response that is disrespectful of other's beliefs is against the forum's rules.  For example, if one is an atheist, "non-existant" is an acceptable response, while "an illusion foisted on naive sheeple by the religious establishment" is not.  Furthermore, the purpose of such a thread is to state your views, meaning that arguments for or against such views should be done in the proper sub-forum.

I'm not a Christian because I'm less skeptical than non-Christians
but because I've applied the same skepticism to all other viewpoints (including skepticism)
and have found different- and, I believe, better- answers in Christianity.