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Rules may be updated periodically.  Each member of the forum is responsible for checking "Last update" under the "image Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines image" sub-forum in the forum's directory to make sure that he or she has read the latest version.  When updated, major changes will appear with this font formatting, while minor updates or changes will look like this.  Check individual sub-forums for any additional rules that may apply to it.  All rules apply to the entire Apologeticon forum (unless otherwise specifically stated), including avatars, signatures, posts, post titles, and any chat box.

Short version: 99% of the rules are standard, family-oriented forum material: follow CrowdGather, Inc.'s Terms of Service, help keep sub-forums and threads orderly; be polite (regardless of how much you may disagree with someone); report or ignore other members who are causing problems (unless you're me or someone I've appointed as a moderator); keep language, images, and links PG-level; and no advertising.  I reserve the right, either on my own or through any person I delegate as moderator, to take whatever action I, he, or she feels necessary (such as moving, deleting, editing, and/or otherwise changing the placement and/or content of posts, as well as banning or suspending members) to deal with any behavior that myself or the moderator deems as disruptive or detrimental to the forum community or contrary to the intent of these rules, even if such behavior isn't specifically covered.  The more flagrant and disruptive the offense, the more likely it will earn that person a temporary suspension or outright ban.  However, I intend the latter of these as a last resort, used only when I believe the offender's negative behavior outweighs any positive contributions he or she is likely to make.

If you are uncertain about the rules or would like to request changes to them (or have any other requests or suggestions), feel free to private message me or post in the "Thinktank" sub-forum.  Unless you have been duly appointed as a moderator of this forum (or one or more of the sub-forums) by yours truly, report any suspected violation of the rules in a "report this post" form or send a private message to one or more of the admin(s) or mod(s) for any infraction that did not occur in a post (e.g., private message or chatbox) rather than discussing it elsewhere on the forum.  Do not quote any portion of a post that breaks the rules as that only gives moderators additional material that they have to delete.

Do not discuss, argue, comment on, or question moderator actions anywhere else on the forum except for in the Moderation Appeals sub-forum or in a private message to me.  Unless and until I overturn a moderator decisions, any mandate he or she gives must be followed.  Finally, once I've stated that I've made a final decision on a ruling, that's the last it should be discussed anywhere on this forum.

One user account per person, one person per user account. Do not try to circumvent a ban or suspension (such as using another account or posting on behalf of someone else).

No advertising, including referral links. Do not misrepresent the contents of a link, whether for referrals or any other purpose.  Do not post a link to another website, blog, forum etc. unless a) the link is to a specific webpage, thread or post which is relevant to the topic being discussed on this forum, or b) the forum to which you have linked is non-commerical and allows me to post a retaliatory, I mean, reciprocal link back to this site of the same nature (e.g., if the link is in your signature and contains a banner, then the site or forum must allow me to have a signature in which I can display a banner of the same or larger size if I so choose) and viewable to the general public.  The rules on this, however, are fairly flexible both ways: I may decide to allow exceptions (as long as my permission is sought and granted beforehand) and may deem other links as prohibitted even if they don't technically break one of the above rules.

Post threads only in the most relevant sub-forum. Do not submit the same post or thread more than once or to more than one sub-forum. If you do so accidently, please delete the superfluous post(s) or thread(s).

When posting, avoid "content-free" comments such as "I agree" that add little to the conversation (this rule does not apply to the sub-forums in the "City Gates (You Might As Well Come In Now That You're Here)" category).  Please make thread titles as specific as possible- in other words, avoid titles such as "Help me!" or "Read this!".  Please shorten quotes (especially from other posts on this forum) as much as possible.  If a long quote is from a source that is not available online, please shorten it to a few lines within a thread, post a thread with a longer quote that supplies any necessary context in the "Quote, Unquote" sub-forum, and then link the short quote in the former to the latter.

Try to keep threads on topic.  Please start a new one when a side discussion makes it necessary to do so. Also, try to avoid "shotgun argumentation" (posting a lot of arguments at once in  an attempt to overwhelm an opposing viewpoint, especially without providing little or no supporting evidence).

Do not post links to sites that contain pornography or illegal material.  Do not link to data stored on a third party system for which you have not received permission to link.  Do not request or post personal identifying information.

Do not use profanity or dehumanizing, condescending, or pejorative language regardless of how flattering one intends it to be.  This includes inserting spaces, underscores or dots or substituting characters for letters (for example, using "$" for "s") to evade this prohibition.  People should be referred to as people, not things and not in any way that makes a person or group of people sound like they are ontologically inferior or superior to another person or group of people.  This includes using terms and words such as "scum", "demo-rats", "rethuglicans", "fundies", "sheeple" and the like.  As for anyone who wants to insult me, I've already been called just about every name in the book with little effect, so it's unlikely that such attempts will have any impact.  I do, however, realize that insults tend to say more about the person giving them than the person receiving them.  Nor do I have any qualms with pointing out that those who have to resort to ad hominem attacks generally don't have anything logical to say about the topic.

This forum was purposely set up for discussion of differing beliefs.  Anyone that has a problem with that is encouraged to not post here.  However much you may disagree with another person's belief, remain polite and respectful towards others. Do not knowingly caricature or misrepresent the beliefs of others, including and especially by pretending to hold beliefs that you do not.  Before discussing and/or arguing against the religious views and/or social/economic/political veiws of others, one must start a thread in the "Introductions" sub-forum that explains his or her own views that may be relevant (see "Before Starting or Responding To Any Social/Political/Economic Thread...." and "Before Starting or Responding To Any Religion-Oriented Thread....").

To facilitate communication, please avoid overusing non-standard grammar and punctuation such as "leet speak", txt-message style abbreviations, and foreign words.  A few words per post or standard internet abbreviations should be fine as long as they are not overdone.  However, the author of any post that is found to require extensive "translation" in order to be understood will be asked to re-write it to avoid it from being removed. Do not use ALL CAPS or redundant exclamation points or question marks.

I'm not a Christian because I'm less skeptical than non-Christians
but because I've applied the same skepticism to all other viewpoints (including skepticism)
and have found different- and, I believe, better- answers in Christianity.

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